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15 - Intensjonskunngjøring
Kontraktsinngåelse uten kunngjøring av konkurranse
16.07.2018 11:00 (GMT+02:00)


Sykehuset Telemark HF Sykehuset Telemark HF
Annette Fure Annette Fure
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STHF shall, by invitation, enter into a research and development contract with Imatis AS. The contract shall develop new and modern work processes for digital interaction and mobility. On a large scale, STHF wants to establish modern lightweight applications, logistics and flow, decision support and interaction both between employees and also where the patient is the focus. In order for STHF to carry out the R&D project as provided, it is necessary to continue and expand today's IMATIS-based system solution at STHF. Therefore, we must procure further licenses and upgrades to the tenderer's standard software, IMATIS Fundamentum. The lightweight platform is a supplier dependent hug that integrates with a number of the hospital’s core systems. The decision to award the contract has been made, and the final contract will be entered into in the middle of August.

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Del av Mercell-gruppen, en av Europas ledende leverandører av elektroniske anbudsverktøy og informasjon mellom innkjøpere og leverandører i det profesjonelle markedet.

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