Mercell's ethical and moral values

Our values

Contact and interaction between people can only to a limited extent be regulated by laws, regulations and agreements. In practice most behaviour is regulated by unwritten rules of conduct. Such rules are founded on ethics. The best way to further develop Mercell's objectives and strategies is by adopting a vision and targets, along with a shared set of values and attitudes that shall be guiding for our conduct and working methods. We shall fully commit to our adopted targets, plans and resolutions, and actively help to ensure that these are achieved.

Our key values are:

Our key values are:


M        Motivated



C         Competent


L         Learning

L         Loyal

Our work space values are:

- A great place to work with lots of positivity, energy and confidence
An office where cooperation , trust and unity is strong
- An office where everyone is heard and every initiative is appreciated
An office where it is fun, motivating and inspiring to work

The company shall also be characterised by trust and credibility, both internally and externally. A high standard of business ethics shall permeate all our work.In order to achieve our targets, the following core values shall be universally embedded:


Our business involves serving the interests of society by reducing the cost of public sector procurements. We must adapt our mode of operation, products and services to the society around this in line with general developments.

The business

By generating a feeling of togetherness we will create a business of which we can be proud, and which the people we deal with express common respect. Mercell's business area comprises the “international” supply of prices and tender inquiries and associated services to purchasers and suppliers.

Our aim is to be the preferred supplier of information between purchasers and suppliers in the professional European market by 2020. All co-workers shall help to ensure that our businesses are run in such a way that they are credible and trustworthy. We shall keep to our word, agreements and deadlines.

The owners

The best way we can secure a supply of equity is by being an attractive, long-term investment object for our owners. This is an important prerequisite to allow the Group to maintain sufficient room to manoeuvre.


Together, we shall create an environment in which all employees feel a degree of autonomy, accept responsibility and can exert influence. We shall strive to help others in the organisation to succeed, including sharing information and advice. We shall inspire innovation, initiative and enthusiasm. We shall find the time and show consideration for our co-workers. We shall monitor health and the work environment.


We acknowledge that the market provides our livelihood, and that satisfied customers are our most important asset. Our customers shall perceive us as a company with a human face, offering high levels of expertise, quality and service. We shall be quick to respond, and efficient, and deliver what we promise.

We shall aim to surpass our customers' expectations with regard to service, including by acting as advisers and problem-solvers. In this way we will create enduring customer relationships.


We shall treat our competitors in the manner we would expect to be treated by them.

The environment

Our aim is to ensure that all activities performed by the company are carried out without causing harm to people, the environment or assets.


The information that Mercell issues to the general public concerning its business and its plans, as well as products and services, shall be accurate and objective.

Generally accepted business practice

We shall comply with normal practices expected between commercial partners. The concept of generally accepted business practice is stated, inter alia, in § 1 of the Norwegian Marketing Act: “In commerce no action shall be taken that contravenes generally accepted business practice between commercial partners,” and in § 5 of the Norwegian Public Procurement Act: “The principal shall act in accordance with generally accepted business practice, secure high ethical business standards in internal case-handling and ensure that all suppliers are treated equally.”

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