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Stockholms universitet Stockholms universitet
Att. Magdalena Pers Färjemark
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Administrative Officer

Magdalena Pers Färjemark

Institution / equivalent

SPIDER, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences


About Stockholm University

Stockholm University is characterized by openness and an innovative and cross-border activity in Sweden´s capital. Ranked as one of the world´s top 100 HEIs, Stockholm University is one of Europe´s leading institutions for higher education and research in human sciences and natural sciences.

Stockholm University was founded in 1878 with the ambition to renew the traditional universities in Sweden. Close contacts and an active exchange of experience and knowledge with the outside world characterize the business since its inception.

33,000 students, 1,600 doctoral students and 5,500 employees are active at Stockholm University. Within the science areas of science and human sciences, 190 study programs and 1,700 courses are offered. The university has a total turnover of SEK 4.93 billion.

Stockholm University contributes to knowledge development in a global perspective and in collaboration with others. This is done through education and research in the international front line, as well as in cross-border and multidisciplinary studies. In collaboration with the surrounding society, knowledge is made available to everyone through dialogue and participation in debate and social development.

1 About the contracting institution

SPIDER (The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions) is an independent Centre based at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University, Sweden. Founded in 2004, SPIDER is one of the pioneer organizations whose focus is to support and promote the application of relevant Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for International Development.

2 Goals and purpose

SPIDER will host a digital event 24-25 February 2021. The event will be global and span several time zones. For this event, SPIDER needs a digital platform that can handle both live sessions, pre-recorded materials, discussions and networking opportunities. The platform and content needs to be available after the event ends.

3 Requirement specification

Platform requirements

All content uploaded on the platform belongs to SPIDER/Stockholm University and must be delivered to SU after the event.

SPIDER wants to procure a platform that enables creative and engaging presentation, interaction and networking for up to 500 registered users. The platform should come across as a SPIDER product with our branding in focus. It needs to provide opportunities for informal meetings that simulate or replace the human interaction of a physical event, including an exhibition/demonstration area or similar. This digital venue should also provide an event website that is a resource for information about the forum, registration and further publicity where resources remain available for at least 6 months after the event ends.

Additionally, SPIDER wants to procure facilitation support from the provider. Both in training on the use of the platform, to support in content creation (for example in pre-recording sessions) and facilitating live sessions during the event.

The platform must have the following features:

- A secure solution. This must include encrypted traffic.

- GDPR compliance

- Ability to gather and analyze data on participation and user experience

- Reliable streaming of event

- Options for low bandwidth participation

- Options for adjusting graphics and visual themes to suit our organizational preferences.

- Interaction possible at main stage, e.g. questions and chat

- The ability to run parallel breakout sessions

- Ability for participants to interact

- Ability for simultaneous translations

- Ability to purchase various level of event tickets

- Technical support available throughout the two event days

 -Training in how to use the platform

- The platform must be able to handle a minimum of 100 participants at a time.

The following features we consider to be an added value:

- Accessible format for people with different abilities (sight, hearing, cognitive etc.)

- The ability to connect or use supportive tools at the event

- Subtitling or caption possibilities

Delivery: the event will be held 24-25 February 2021, SPIDER wants immediate access to the solution after procuring to be able to start pre-event communications and other preparations.

4 Quotation

We expect quotation regarding the above and wish the following to be stated in the quotation;

- List of offered features.

- Type of support offered, how much support and how long it is available for

- Examples of what the platform could look like – either mockups or reference events

- Reference person to contact for user experience


State the total price for the offered solution with an itemized budget

No other costs may be added for the commission´s implementation.

Answer in the tender how the offered product meets the requirement specification:

Selection will be based on the added value.

Questions are asked and quotations are submitted via this platform

Last day for questions 2021-01-11

Questions sent during the Chistmas Holidays,  2020-12-23 to 2020-01-06, will get answered from 2021-01-07.

The quotation will be submitted no later than 2021-01-14, 23.59 CET.

The quotation must be binding until 2021-02-14

5. Evaluation and award (supplier selection)

The supplier offering the most advantageous solution to the contract is awarded the contract. SU evaluates the tenders in accordance with the above requirements.

Quality: 60%

Price: 40%

SPIDER will evaluate the following quality features of the offered solution:

- Usability (score the interface, both admin and user, additional points for accessibility features stated above)

- Interactivity features (score the number of options for interaction in the platform (eg Q&A, chat function, forum, informal rooms and so on)

- Exhibition area (user interface, interactivity)

- Support offered (type and level of support offered)

- Time the platform is available after the event

- Number of permitted users included in the offer

- Platform security (score technical security solutions)

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