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The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (hereinafter referred to as DALO) plans to tender a contract (Framework Agreement) regarding acquisition of a Smoke Grenade Launcher System (GLS) including sustainment agreement covering spare parts and technical support. DALO is therefore looking for information on how to structure a possible future tender.

The purpose of this request for information (RFI) is to understand how the best possible tender can be arranged both for DALO and suppliers, and according to the EC regulation.  DALO is looking for information in order to develop a future Requirements Specification in accordance with existing products.

It should be stressed that this notice is not a call for tenders.

This notice is not a call for pre-qualification applications, and participation in the
discussions will not be required for prequalification in the coming call for tenders. It should furthermore be
stressed that replies given during the period of discussions will not in any way be part of any later assessment.
The purpose of this RFI is solely to give DALO wide background knowledge about the possibilities and
challenges in the marked.

By GLS DALO understands a complete manually and/or automatic operated technical system for protection and camouflage, functioning by screening the enemy’s tracking ability of the vehicle in both the visual and infra red spectrum.
Additionally the system can be used as a less lethal weapon in relation to riots control.
GLS is an independent weapon system and must be integrated and tested as such, and especially according to applicable safety codes and standards.
The GLS is also defined as an integrated part of the vehicles accumulated protection, and designed for the vehicles within the Danish Defence, to solve tactical assignments in full spectrum.

The scope of supply includes, but is not limited to, the following items (in non-prioritized order):
• Wiring, including prototype and EMC test,
• Tubes, single or module,
• control box,
• Spare parts,
• Courses/training for users and technicians,
• Documentation,
• Special tools and test equipment,
• Service and support,
• Provide support to a System Integrator for integration of the GLS on vehicles, weapon stations and ring mounts,

All responses to this RFI should be uploaded within the Communication tab in the Mercell system.

As part of the preparation DALO may invite potential contractors to a discussion for the purpose of
gathering information to be used for the preparation of future tender documentation.

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