Further Development of Data Processing and Software Used in Hazardous Substances Assessment


03 - Contract award notice
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22.06.2021 10:51 (GMT+03:00)


Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) Helsinki Commission (HELCOM)
Matthew Richard

Assignment text

The consortium of partners working for the EU CEF-Telecom funded Baltic Data Flows project are seeking a contractor to supporting the project with developments towards improving the assessment of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea marine environment. The contractor will be required to familiarise himself/herself with the HELCOM Hazardous substances assessment, indicators, and assessment tools (indicator tools, and in particular the integrated assessment tools). Documented evidence of experience in this field is considered highly valuable. The contractor is required to have expertise and experience in developing and adjusting environmental data processing scripts, ideally those focusing on hazardous substances. Experience with tools that address multiple hazardous substances, large-scale regional assessments, and complex sampling/monitoring strategies (e.g., multiple sampling matrix types) is considered valuable. The contractor should have experience with R software and MS SQL.

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