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Answers given to this request for information are used for planning the procurement of MRI- linear accelerators (and services thereto) to HUCH Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Additional information:
The purpose of this request for information is to map the suppliers on the market and their product and service portfolio. The purpose is to find out the technical solutions and features of the equipment. Based on the responses to this request for information, supplier may be offered the opportunity to present solutions which will be announced later. Suppliers who have responded to this request for information may be given an opportunity to comment on the preliminary tender documents.

This request for information does not bind the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District to the procurement. However, the goal is to reach the tender phase during the rest of 2020. Agreement resulting in the possible procurement process can be used in the future for the needs of HUS and its customers. An up-to-date list of HUS hospitals is available on the website at

Definitions of the request for information:

As a preliminary introduction to the purchasing process following later HUS would like to
have further information on the following topics before 22th of September, 2020. We want to emphasize that this is not an official request for quotation:
1. Can you send us 5-6 examples of anonymized clinical image sets used for image
guidance during real adaptive treatment sessions produced with your system (Unity,
ViewRay Meridian or Ethos) ? In addition to images we ask you to provide description of
imaging sequences, FOVs, and slice thicknesses that are typical for clinical use. The Images should cover at least the following targets: pancreas, prostate, cervix, liver, pelvic
lymphnodes, oligometastases, and lungs. Furthermore, the images should be accompanied with the original MRI images used in the definition of target volume for the first time (eg. the image set used for treatment planning). All the images should be delivered in Dicom format.
2. How often service and repair is normally needed in clinical use?
3. Is it possible to perform gated radiotherapy currently or in the near future?
4. How much personnel (Doctors, Physicists, and Radiographers) are typically needed in an adaptive treatment session?
5. Technical specification from the equipment (technical specification and installation specification).

The information presented in this document and during the information process is preliminary and indicative. HUS does not guarantee to carry out the procurement or a specific method of implementation. The suppliers interested in the procurement are not bound to submit a tender later on in the possible procurement process. HUS does not pay allowances or compensation for participation in this request for information -process.

Submitting answers:
The supplier should preferably submit an answer to the request for information in Finnish electronically via by 4 pm (Finnish time) on 22 September 2020. Responses from suppliers will be treated confidentially. This request for information is not binding on the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

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