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The Whale AS The Whale AS
Børre Berglund Joakim Engel
Hamnegata 87
C/O Andenesfisk

8480 Andenes

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The board of The Whale AS is pleased to invite interested architectural teams to submit applications to prequalify for participation in an international competition for the design of the new building for The Whale in one of the most spectacular locations in Norway. The Whale is unique; it is not a natural history museum, nor a science center, an art gallery, or a nature-based visitor center, but a place that takes the best elements from places like these and integrate them into something new.

At the edge of the ocean, with a panoramic view of the Arctic Sea, the new building will become a major new attraction in Northern Norway. It is one of the best places in the world to experience whales. The Whale will highlight the status of the area as a leading destination for people interested in whales and nature. A place that augments the monumental experience of the nature and the landscape.


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