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The main purpose of the VCS shall be to provide air/ground and ground/ground communications, making it possible for the ATCO or AFIS Officer to communicate by voice at a control tower, approach or AFIS-tower with pilots and neighbouring units.

Avinor ANS is providing air traffic and communication services to Avinor AS, private, and military owned airports. For voice communication systems, equipment purchased by Avinor ANS will be installed at the customers facilities in cooperation with the Contractor. Upon completion of the installation, ownership of the equipment may be transferred to the airport. Avinor ANS will be responsible for the 1st line of service, support and maintenance of the equipment towards its customers. To facilitate this, Contractor shall provide the required technical training to Avinor ANS’ staff, as well as the necessary spare, and/ or, replacement parts, as well as all relevant documentation.

The Contract Object shall also include a separate Maintenance and Support Agreement.

It is Avinor ANS’ preference that the system is primarily Commercial Off The Shelf, and that there is a very limited need for custom adaptations to be performed on the solution.


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