Mercell Tender Consulting

Never miss a business opportunity. Mercell's extensive experience in procurement process and tender assistance has helped suppliers around the globe achieve new business opportunities.

What is included in Mercell’s Tender Consulting?

Thorough review and evaluation of tender documents

Tender assistance: We help you throughout the entire tender and procurement procedure

Quality control according to government regulations

Strategy and progress plan

Translation services

Legal aid

Let our expertise in tenders and public procurement strengthen your chances to win public tenders in the Nordic region!

Mercell has built up its expertise in tender consulting for over 15 years – making us one of the leaders in the industry. Mercell’s tender consulting assists you with the whole aspect of the tender process from A to Z, including:

  • Review and quality check of tender documents
  • Strategy and scheduling
  • Assist you with e bids, bid writing and bid management
  • Additionally tender assistance from our collaborating partners for larger and complex deals



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