Emptying sludge from separate sewage installations.


Open procedure


Marker kommune [Marker municipality] Marker kommune [Marker municipality]
Hege Hansen
Storg. 60
1870 Ørje

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The municipalities (hereafter called the Contracting Authority), invite tenderers to an open tender contest for the establishment of a framework agreement for emptying and transporting sludge. The sites include interceptors for sludge (septic tanks), blocked tanks, mini-treatment facilities, outside toilets, road drains/waste, flushing municipal pipelines etc. The contract also includes registering site types, simple inspection of any errors at the sites when emptying and reporting to the contracting authority.

The tender does not include punting/flushing sewage pipes when private installations get blocked. This is to be agreed between the owner (title holder) and the sanitation engineer. Sanitation engineers must use flushing equipment that is adequate for flushing blocked pipelines.

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