Strategic railway traffic simulations and running time calculations tool (FITS-S)


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Jernbaneverket Jernbaneverket
Knut Viddal-Ervik Knut Viddal-Ervik

Assignment text

Jernbaneverket is using Opentrack today for its strategic railway traffic simulations

and running time calculations. The use by Jernbaneverket of the tool has changed

over the years. We would like to assess that we have the best tool on the marked

to fulfill our current needs. By “on the market” we mean what is available today

and what can be developed by November 25th 2016 and as options in 2017/2018.

Requirements in this document are marked either as either ”must”

or “should”. “Must” requirements are mandatory and must be fulfilled by

November 25th 2016, preferably by the first implementation in

September. “Should” requirements are not mandatory, preferably delivered by

November 25th 2016, but can also be offered as options in 2017/2018.

The tools must be used for: timetable & infrastructure feasibility studies

(deterministic simulation without and with disturbances/incidents), timetable &

infrastructure robustness studies (stochastic simulation with

disturbances/incidents), runtime calculations and signal studies under no ATP,

Norwegian ATP (ATC-D and ATC-F) and ETCS level 2 baseline 2.2.3d and 3.

If the contractor chooses a proprietary license model a copy of the source code

must be kept securely with the customer or a third party. The license must allow

installation on any computer owned by the customer, for at least 10 users, of

which 4 simultaneous users. A license server based system will be strongly

preferred to a dongle based licensing. The contractor must supply an offer for

further total and simultaneous users.

The customer emphasizes the requirement to certify the tool by

The customer refers to the license terms of railML


he tool must be installable on a local machine on Windows 7 or later, using a

signed Windows installer (.msi) or signed setup program (.exe). In addition to local

installation, the tool may provide web based services, but this is not a

requirement. Workstation installa

Tittel: Strategic railway traffic simulations and running time calculations tool (FITS-S)
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