Framework agreement 16/3970 KGV and KAV.


Negotiated procedure


Ringsaker kommune Ringsaker kommune
Ann Marit Holumsnes
Postboks 13

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Stange, Hamar, Løten, Elverum, Lillehammer and Ringsaker municipalities, as well as Hias IKS and Sirkula IKS, hereafter called the contracting authority, invite tenderers to a competition for the delivery of a competition tool and contract administration tool. The parties will sign a joint framework agreement with one tenderer as well as separate contracts after call-offs on the framework agreement. Ringsaker and Hamar municipalities are holding the competition for the contracting authority. Each participating party will administer its own call-off contract. The contracting authority shall use the system to announce and hold procurements on behalf of itself and its underlying entities, including subsidiary companies, municipal companies and inter-municipal companies. The contracting authority shall also be able to announce and hold competitions on behalf of other parties that it cooperates with. The aim is to procure a modern competition tool (KVG) and a contract administration tool (KAV), which shall contribute to better, simpler, quicker and more secure procurements, as well as simplify and improve contract information and contract follow-up. The system shall also take care of regulatory requirements, fully-electronic case handling and it shall be able to simplify archiving processes. The tools shall have an intuitive interface and it shall not be resource draining as regards training, maintenance, updates and use.

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