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Tromsø kommune [Tromsø municipality] Tromsø kommune [Tromsø municipality]
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Tromsø municipality would like to enter into a contract for transporting day centre users to three day centres for the period from when the contract is signed until 31.10.2018.

The transportation assignments include transport of users from their home addresses to the municipality's day centres and return every day except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, Christmas and new year's evenings as well as Wednesdays before Easter. The transportation also includes, as a rule, picking up companions at the day centres. Then the users are to be picked up at their home addresses with return to the day centres. Equivalently this applies for return transport when the day centres close. The transportation service currently applies for the following day centres:


the Mainland,


A new day centre will be established at Kvaløysletta, at the start of 2017, for persons with disabilities and other cognitive disabilities. This will mean changes in the composition of the users at Tindfoten day centre and an amended driving pattern for this group.

The number of users and addresses in the listed areas must be expected to change during the contract period. The requirement will change over time due to user changes. The change is more frequent for some user groups than others.

The existing transport routes and their addresses are given in annex 1. New transport schedules shall be prepared and approved in close cooperation with each user location.

New driving plans must be prepared for Tindfoten and the new day centre at Kvaløysletta, when this is up and running.

In 2015 transport services were prepared for 1 809 288 NOK for Tindfoten, Nordøya and Fastlandet day centres.

The volume will depend on the Contracting Authority's budget situation, activities, other frame factors and the historical purchase volumes should therefore be considered instructive, only. The stated prices are the foundation for future alterations based on users.

See point 9 (Reservations from Tromsø municipality) in the tender documentation for reservations and the number of service providers.

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