Licence management and procurement of Microsoft licences.


Open procedure


Nittedal kommune (Nittedal municipality) Nittedal kommune (Nittedal municipality)
Hanne Løkstad
Postboks 63
1483 Hagan

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Nittedal municipality c/o the ICT unit, (hereafter called the contracting authority), invites tenderers to an open tender contest for the procurement of licence management (LSP) of Microsoft licences, as well as the procurement of licences. A LSP, Licensing Solution Partner, is a dealer of Microsoft products who is qualified by Microsoft for licences and licence management. The current LSP contract and the procurement of Microsoft licences expires 31.01.17 (enterprise contract). The school contract expires 28.02.17. Both contracts shall be replaced and are included in the procurement.

Nittedal municipality runs a Citrix thin client environment with MS-Office as the standard office suite platform for all users except the schools. Teachers and pupils use half thin Linux machines with Libre Office. Those who use laptop equipment must log on to Citrix home office to access internal resources. Laptop equipment is not registered in the domains.

We have two zones: Admin zone and secure zone, where users are logged on. These zones shall be separate. Several of the servers in the different DMZs are not included in the domain for security reasons.

We carried out a ‘friendly audit’ from Microsoft via KPMG in June 2016. We have also started a preliminary project that shall give us input for a correct future contract.

Nittedal municipality is considering entering into ICT cooperation with other municipalities in the near future.

The management of licences consists of procuring licences, advice on the correct/best licensing, consultancy services, assistance with revisions, contract management and preparation of licence accounts.

Further information on the procurement's purpose and extent is in the Annex of SSA-K, annex 2.

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