SaaS delivery of a contact centre, staffing and switchboard system.


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Skatteetaten [The Norwegian Tax Administration] Skatteetaten [The Norwegian Tax Administration]
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Short description

The contracting authority needs access to a system consisting of 1 or several underlying components, which shall include the functionality required for:

— the execution of classical core assignments for a contact centre, primarily replying to external enquiries via various channels, e.g. telephone, chat and email, as well as associated traffic management in the contact centre based on historical and real time data,

— staffing planning for the contact centre, typical duty planning and follow-up based on historical and real time data, as well as

— execution of classical core assignments for a switchboard, including the receipt and routing of incoming telephone calls.

A continual service contract shall be signed, which ensures the contracting authority access to a software service with associated services, which together, cover the above mentioned needs. Please note though, that for divisions of the Contracting Authority's organisation the software services will be partly and completely be separated as an option stated in the terms for the future agreement. C.f the qualification documentation point 1.2.

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