Framework agreement 451102 — Construction Management FBUN Bardufoss and Sør-Troms.


Open procedure


Forsvarsbygg [The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency] Forsvarsbygg [The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency]
Kenneth Midtgård
Postboks 405 Sentrum
0103 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The procurement is for a framework agreement for construction management services based on NS 8403, for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency's projects. The framework agreement is geographically limited to projects from Ofoten and northwards to Bardufoss, including Harstad, Evenes, Ramsund, Bjerkvik, Setermoen and Bardufoss, with the accompanying shooting ranges and surrounding areas. Most of the assignments are expected to be located in Bardufoss. See the tender documentation for further information.

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