Sunnhetsgrenden BT1 — K200 Outdoor work.


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Randaberg kommune [Randaberg municipality] Randaberg kommune [Randaberg municipality]
Prosjektil AS Prosjektil AS
Sverre Heskestad
Postboks 40
4096 Randaberg

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Sunnhetsgrenden BT1 is the first part of a major development/renewal of the Vardeheim area in Randaberg. 34 nursing home places and a dentist surgery shall be established in construction stage 1. The ground floor will house communal functions such as reception, dentist surgery, waste, as well as technical installations. A basement car park shall be established under the entire footprint of the building. The 1st and 2nd floors will house nursing home places as well as the administration.

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