Plumbing at the Police stations in and around Oslo.


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Politiets fellestjenester [Norwegian Police Shared Services] Politiets fellestjenester [Norwegian Police Shared Services]
Willy Vestavik
Fridtjof Nansens vei 14
0369 Oslo

Short description

The Contracting Authority shall enter into framework agreement with a tenderer for the execution of planned and emergency plumbing services that arise in connection with the operation and maintenance of buildings in and around Oslo. The landlords may require use of separate agreements for some assignments.

The Contracting Authority will continuously, depending on the need, undertake call-offs on the framework agreement. The tenderer undertakes to deliver in accordance with what is included in the framework agreement. The Contracting Authority requires that the tenderer has the capacity to initiate and perform assignments within the agreed deadline. See the requirement specification for response time.

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