Framework agreement for the procurement of hospital signalling systems.


Negotiated procedure


Tysvær kommune [Tysvær municipality] Tysvær kommune [Tysvær municipality]
The Finance Department The Finance Department
Anne Dagsland
5575 Aksdal

Short description

Tysvær municipality intends to replace the hospital signalling systems at the municipality's institutions, personnel stations and sheltered accommodations. Tysvær municipality is an innovative municipality with high ambitions for the future. The municipality sees new hospital signalling systems as an investment in the future that shall contribute to solve some of the challenges within the nursing and care services. Initially the framework agreements includes hospital signalling installations for use as listed above. The framework shall also include various types of sensors and equipment in such a way that the system can be individually adapted to each institution, welfare accommodations and the relevant users. Tysvær municipality reserves the right to expand the system to also include alarm and incident systems in other municipal services. The agreement may also include a maintenance agreement for the hospital signalling systems, as well as services in connection adaptation, possibly development and training.

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