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SELLIHCA is a qualification system for suppliers to utilities operating within production, transmission and distribution of electric power, district heating/cooling, water supply and associated services.

SELLIHCA has been established as an industry-based scheme in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs throughout the supply chain for both buyers and suppliers and to ensure that supplier applications are dealt with fairly and consistently by subscribing utilities.

Utilities subscribing to SELLIHCA are listed here

When utilities decide to subscribe to SELLIHCA an additional notice is published.

The subscribing utilities will use SELLIHCA for requirements subject to EU procurement rules, but reserve the right to publish individual notices for specific requirements where they deem it necessary, even though they relate to the product and service categories covered by SELLIHCA. The qualification system may be used for contracts not subject to EU procurement rules at each subscriber's discretion. Subscribing utilities may use SELLIHCA for sourcing goods and services related to facilities or operations beyond the European Economic Area (EEA).

A complete overview of products and services acquired through SELLIHCA is available here

However as SELLIHCA is in transition to a new set of product and service codes suppliers and contractors are requested to select those as well

The qualification process may consist of several stages where pre-qualification in SELLIHCA is common for all participating utilities, while the individual utility may add other stages. Some utilities have established extended pre-qualification requirements regarding Language, Personnel skills, Insurances etc. If a subscribing utility considers the information available after the initial qualification stage as inadequate to establish a bidders list, a request for additional information will be sent out to pre-qualified suppliers. The preparation of bidder lists will be established based on suppliers and contractors which have passed the initial pre-qualification, without further notification of requirements in the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities' (OJEU/TED).

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