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Assignment text

NS FSC intends to conclude an agreement for the delivery of new single deck EMU's for passenger services in The Netherlands. NS FSC will be the purchasing party and the actual purchase agreement will be concluded between the selected Bidder and NS FSC. NS Reizigers BV (‘NS’) will lease the by NS FSC purchased EMU's.

A separate spare parts agreement and/or a support agreement could be part of the scope.

The main characteristics of the EMU's are as follows:

1. Single deck EMU's for commuter services based upon an existing concept with proven technology. The EMU's must comply with the usual standards including but not limited to TSI, UIC, NEN, DIN etc., Dutch and European legislation regulations and Dutch authorization regulations.

2. To create flexibility in the capacity per train, it will be considered to order at least two lengths of EMU's, to be determined by the number of coaches per EMU. At least the following lengths are considered, one length of EMU with a seat capacity of approximately 150 seats, and the other length of EMU will have a seat capacity of approximately between 200 — 250 seats.

3. Other characteristics:

a) Service speed of 160 km/h;

b) Mutual coupling between EMU's of this tender;

c) High acceleration;

d) High deceleration;

e) Short stopping times including quick boarding and alighting times;

f) Standard 1,500 V DC;

g) Authorized for the Dutch railway network;

h) Level entrance at platform height;

i) An as much as possible leveled floor throughout the EMU;

j) Modern in appearance;

k) Transparent and ‘open’ interior; The gangway width between two coaches shall be as wide as possible, but with a minimum of approximately 1,75 m;

l) Containing a toilet;

m) Low life cycle costs;

n) High reliability;

o) High availability;

p) Prepared for ERTMS;

q) Fit for use in Dutch weather conditions.

The base order foresees in the supply of single deck EMU's with a total capacity of approximately 10 000 to 20 000 seats. At this moment, the start of the delivery of the first EMU's ready for passenger services is foreseen between October 2016 and October 2017. The exact planning will be elaborated in the Request for Proposal. Possible subsequent optional delivery by several batches of different volumes of single deck EMU's of approximately in total between 17 500 and 27 500 seats are foreseen until 2024, depending amongst others on passenger growth.

All decisions concerning this Tender, including the award of the agreement(s) are subject to the relevant Board and shareholder approvals.

A maximum of 5 Candidates will be invited to submit a Tender. The agreement(s) will be awarded based on the most economically advantageous Tender. The criteria for this shall be included in the Request for Proposal.

Section V: Award of contract

V.1.1) Date of contract award decision:


V.1.2) Information about offers

Number of offers received: 4

V.1.3) Name and address of economic operator in favour of whom the contract award decision has been taken

CAF S.A. José Miguel Iturrioz, 20200 Beasain, SPAIN

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