Dynamic Purchasing System regarding the purchase of research and laboratory equipment


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Syddansk Universitet Syddansk Universitet
Cindie Arendal Petersen Cindie Arendal Petersen
Campusvej 55

5230 Odense M

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The prequalification specifications include a summary of the creation of SDU’s Dynamic Purchasing System regarding the purchase of research and laboratory equipment including the conditions for applying for admission to the system.

The Dynamic Purchasing System is divided into 7 categories, for which the Applicants who meet the qualification requirements are pre-qualified, and in which the specific procurements are carried out:

Cooling and freezing storage solutions
Electrical measuring and testing equipment
Environmental control equipment
Physical and chemical analysis equipment

Period purchase agreements can be used in connection with awards on the Dynamic Purchasing System. In this connection, it may be a requirement that the supplier can integrate with the Customer's e-commerce system in force at any time.


In order to participate in one or more of the listed lots, click on the lot itself. On the specific lot you can show your interest and continue the tender proces.

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Prequalification specifications_DPS regarding research and laboratory equipment.pdf 182 KB
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