4103/2018 Blank Ammunition Replacement System (BARS)


Restricted procedure
8/12/2020 10:03 AM (GMT+02:00)


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Hatanpään valtatie 30
33541 Tampere

Assignment text

Section V: Award of contract
Contract No: PVSOP 343/2020
Lot title
Blank Ammunition Replacement System (BARS)
V.1) Date of contract award decision
V.2) Information about offers:
Number of offers received: 1
V.3) Name and address of economic operator in favour of whom the contract award decision has been taken
Bagira Systems Ltd
Hakishor 26
Holon 5886708
V.4) Information on value of contract
Total final value of the contract:
Currency: 42 158 505,0 EUR
Excluding VAT
If annual or monthly value
Number of years: 4
V.5) Information about subcontracting
The contract is likely to be sub-contracted: no

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