Dynamic Purchasing System of Non-Road Mobile Machinery


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Københavns Kommune Københavns Kommune
Teknik- og Miljøforvaltningen Teknik- og Miljøforvaltningen
Lise Dalsgaard Hansen Sara Lerche Bachdal
Borups Allé 177
2400 København NV

Short description

Since 2016, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Oslo have participated in a joint project for the Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance (hereinafter "SGPPA") together with the City of Stockholm towards the non-road mobile machine sector.
- The City of Copenhagen expects to replace up to 7 wheel loaders within a 4-year time frame.
- The City of Oslo will make their purchases through the Agency for Waste Management, "Renovasjonsetaten - REN". The Agency is responsible for waste handling and use different types of NRMM on their facilities. The Agency needs to replace between 2-4-wheel loaders within the next 4 years.

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App 1 Wheel Loader Specification and Price List.xlsx 101 KB
DRAFT Kontrakt til brug ved DPS.pdf 373 KB
DRAFT Kontraktsformular kjøp av varer OSLO.pdf 116 KB
DRAFT Standard kontraktsvilkår for kjøp av varer OSLO.pdf 236 KB
DRAFT Instructions to Tenderers.pdf 359 KB
Invitation to DPS final.pdf 395 KB

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