Energinet - Insurance Procurement for Property Damage and Business Interruption


05 - Contract notice - utilities
Negotiated procedure with a call for competition
05.10.2023 14:58 (GMT+02:00)
21.08.2023 12:00 (GMT+02:00)


Willis Towers Watson Willis Towers Watson
Geena Cen Geena Cen
Rundforbivej 303
2850 Nærum

Tender is cancelled

Short description

The procurement covers Property Damage and Business Interruption (PD/BI) All Risks insurance program for Energinets activities and involves the following lot:

Lot 1  
Class of Insurance: Property Damage and Business Interruption (PD/BI)
Lot details:  Property Damage and Business Interruption (PD/BI) incl. terrorism, loss limit DKK 2,000,000,000 and further sums/limits according to the document "Property Wording and Schedule", deductible DKK 25,000,000 per claim.

Energinet reserves the right to award the contract based on the initial tender. There is no remuneration to participants in the negotiations.
Costs incurred by the tenderer in connection with the preparation and submission of a tender for one or more lots are the tenderers to bear and will not be reimbursed.
There is anticipated to be one negotiation meeting held via Microsoft Teams.

Files (click "Show interest" to get access)

Name Size
Broker of Record.pdf 292 KB
ITT_Appendix_A_Evaluation.pdf 119 KB
ITT_Appendix_B_NegotiationProcedure.pdf 95 KB
ITT_Appendix_C_FormofTender_TenderReplySlip.pdf 131 KB
ITT_Appendix_D_LetterOfCommitment.pdf 80 KB
ITT_Appendix_E_Contracting Party_List of Entities.pdf 55 KB
ITT_Appendix_F_Solemn Declaration.pdf 133 KB
ITT_MainDoc.pdf 179 KB
Oversigt over EN UW Reports 2013-2023.xlsx 25 KB
Property values EN 2023.xlsx 52 KB
Property wording and schedule.pdf 251 KB
Risk and Insurance Information.pdf 1,80 MB
UnderwritingReport2021_Li.Torup_Final2.PDF 4,50 MB
UW_Report_2022_Fraugde_FINAL.PDF 4,34 MB
UW_Report_2022-StationTjele-FINAL.PDF 8,06 MB
UW_Report_2023-StationAvedøre-Final.PDF 4,31 MB
UW_Report_2023-StationSvanemøllen-Final.PDF 4,22 MB
UW_Report_Everdrup2023-Final.PDF 9,13 MB
UW_Report_HornsRevB2023-FINAL.PDF 5,87 MB
UW_Report_KriegersFlakA2022-Final.PDF 7,37 MB
UW_Report_KriegersFlakBE2022-FINAL.PDF 9,47 MB
UW_Report_Nybro2023-Final.PDF 5,59 MB
UW_Report_VesterHassing2023-Final.PDF 9,89 MB

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