Dynamic purchasing system for software and services


02 - Contract notice
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11.07.2023 10:25 (GMT+02:00)
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TV 2 Danmark A/S TV 2 Danmark A/S
Rasmus Rullhøj Lynggaard Rasmus Rullhøj Lynggaard
Rugårdsvej 25
5000 Odense C

Short description

The dynamic purchasing system is established to ensure that TV 2 can purchase software and services to support the technical development of the organisation and have the proper digital tools to deliver media services in the future.


In order to participate in one or more of the listed lots, click on the lot itself. On the specific lot you can show your interest and continue the tender proces.

Title Status
A. Infrastructure Published
B. Data Management Published
C. Security Published
D. Business services Published

Files (click "Show interest" to get access)

Name Size
A0 Annex A0 - Definitions.pdf 118 KB
A0 Tender Conditions .pdf 267 KB
A01 Annex A1 - Detailed descriptions of Categories and Service Areas.pdf 205 KB
A02 Annex A2.1 - Infrastructure Reference Descriptions.docx 105 KB
A02 Annex A2.2 - Data Management Reference Descriptions.docx 107 KB
A02 Annex A2.3 - Security Reference Descriptions.docx 104 KB
A02 Annex A2.4 - Business services Reference Descriptions.docx 105 KB
A03 Annex A3 - Consortium declaration .docx 95 KB
A04 Annex A4 - Declaration.docx 119 KB
B0 Draft of Annex B0 - Definitions.pdf 153 KB
B0 Draft of Contract.pdf 227 KB
B0 Draft of Mini-tender conditions.pdf 346 KB
B01 Draft of Annex B1 - Task Description.pdf 258 KB
B02 Draft of Annex B2 - Prices.pdf 70 KB
B03 Draft of Annex B3 - Supplier's subcontractors.pdf 143 KB
B04 Draft of Annex B4 - Supplier's standard terms and conditions.pdf 178 KB
Data Processing Agreement draft.pdf 231 KB

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