Is the European Court not in compliance with the new procurement rules? 5/15/2017
New procurement rules: the European Court has for the first time expressed its views on an already signed contract. Read more.
Acquisition applied to make innovative contributions to the integration of refugees 5/15/2017
A competition for innovative solutions has been instituted by the European Union with the purpose to preserve and develop the potential of refugees and immigrants. Read more.
Public procurement: Due to failing confidence, 4 out of 10 companies in Europe refrain from public procurement 5/15/2017
Four out of ten European firms will not participate in the process of public procurement, according to an investigation conducted by the European Commission. Read more.
The European Commission: The enforcement rule has been reached 5/15/2017
The enforcement rules of public procurement regulations have met its aim. The European Commission says it is a success and not in need for a change. Read more.
Procurement rules: EU Union do not always follow own rules 5/12/2017
Procurement rules: Four major EU institutions receives audit criticism for not following up on the European Union’s own procurement rules. Read more.
Moving to full e-procurement for all public purchases by 2016 6/28/2012
The European Commission has in its ambitious plan chosen to prioritize the implementation of e-tendering and digitization of the tender and procurement processes.

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