Seven challenges for joint acquisition across national borders 1/24/2018
The Danish state and the municipalities Indkøbs Service A/S has been involved in the development of the studies about common cross-border procurement.
The EU adjust their weapons against countries with closed public markets 11/8/2017
The EU is doing a new attempt to reach internal agreement on actions that can promote openness in the global market of public procurement. Read full article.
Analysis: 75 million a year can be saved for all Danish train operations by competitive tendering 10/11/2017
Denmark has limited experiences with competitive tendering. Annually, close to 70 million can be saved if all train operations in Denmark are exposed to competitive tendering. Read the full article here.
Introduction to ESPD (European Single Procurement Document) - Europe is only in a starting phase. 9/19/2017
The EU is requesting a check on the European countries use of ESPD and the integration with relevant databases for required documentation requested in the ESDP form. Read more here.
Five-point plan for increased competitions and competence 9/5/2017
One of Denmark's main supplier organizations (DI) has delivered a five-point plan to the country's new government. Read the full article here.
SMB–suppliers take great share of public contracts in Scotland 8/23/2017
A recent report from the country’s authorities announces that SMB suppliers take a great share of public contracts in Scotland. Read the full article here.
Is the Portugese solution for direct procurement below threshold value the answer? 6/20/2017
In the web portal BASE, all public contracts in Portugal are available, both over and under EU/EEA threshold values. Read the full article here.
Competitive tendering of waste disposal gives lower prices, but not better quality. 5/31/2017
In a recent study, the European Commission points out that there are some weaknesses associated with the use of public procurement related to waste management in Europe. There are also some cases of illegal misuse of dominant market position. Read the full article here.
Is the European Court not in compliance with the new procurement rules? 5/15/2017
New procurement rules: the European Court has for the first time expressed its views on an already signed contract. Read more.
Acquisition applied to make innovative contributions to the integration of refugees 5/15/2017
A competition for innovative solutions has been instituted by the European Union with the purpose to preserve and develop the potential of refugees and immigrants. Read more.

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