Acquisition applied to make innovative contributions to the integration of refugees

The theme is innovations to support the integration of refugees and immigrants for this years competition.
Acquisition applied to make innovative contributions to the integration of refugees

Ten participants, from six European countries, struggles to win the European competition for innovative solution for the integration of refugees and migrants. The reason behind the competition is the refugee crisis. The European Commission wants to preserve and develop the potential of refugees and immigrants. To find a best possible solution, the European Commission has invited a form of  pre-commercial procurement.


The competition "European Social Innovation Competition" was instituted by the European Commission in 2012. This year the theme may refer to products, technologies, services and model solutions.

The innovations can relate to all aspects of the integration process. Examples include the development of education and competencies, entrepreneurship and employment, access to housing and health care, security and human rights or integration into society and cultural diversity.


Refugees and immigrant directed input  

The input entails that refugees and/or migrants either directs the project or has contributed to develop the project. This has been appreciated to a particularly extent.

An innovative and creative approach is needed to release the potential of refugees and migrants, writes the European Commission, who have named the current years competition for “integrated futures”. Predictions says the refugees and immigrants has the potential of becoming future entrepreneurs and innovative actors. Without the right guidance and support their expertise will be discarded and the marginalized.


To be deterimned October 27th

The award ceremony will take place in Brussels on October 27th, and the ten finalists will compete for three prizes worth a total of 48 000 Euros each (at today's rate). In the final there are three German participants, two from the UK and one from each of these: Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Greece and Spain.

When the deadline for the first stage of the contest expired - in April of 2016 - 1056 ideas came from 36 countries. Of these, 30 semifinalists were picked out. They received mentoring help to develop their ideas further. Among the 30 there were two Nordic - one from Finland and one from Denmark.

The competition was open to individuals, groups and organizations in the EU and in countries participating in the "European Horizon 2020" program.

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This article first appeared at Anbud 365, Norway's leading online newspaper for public procurement. Published by Lennart Hovland on 6. October 2016. The full article can be found in Norwegian here.  

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