Framework agreement — Cleaning and washing of textiles for Norges Bank [The Central Bank of Norway].


Open procedure


Norges Bank [The Central Bank of Norway]
Kari Tovseth
Postboks 1179
0107 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Norges Bank shall enter into framework agreement for the hire, cleaning and washing of textiles connected to the business's meeting and representation activities, including serviettes and table cloths etc. The framework agreement also comprises hire and washing of towels. The need for washing and cleaning of textiles depends on the business's meeting and representation activities, more textile types than those defined in the tender documentation can therefore be added to the framework agreement during the agreement period.

Norges Bank has an option in the framework agreement for the washing of curtains. This involves taking down, washing

and hanging of curtains, as well as transport to and from Norges Bank. There is approximately 4 000 m² of curtains that would require cleaning each year if the option is used.

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