Car share scheme for Buskerud county.


Open procedure

Short description

Buskerud county (BFK) invites tenderers to a competition for a service contract; car share scheme (electrical and hybrid cars) for Buskerud county.

The aim of the procurement is to reduce the use of cars to and from work and the use of our vehicles on official journeys. The procurement is for the delivery of a car share scheme (electrical and hybrid cars) for county employees. The cars shall be parked on the county's premises and the contracting authority will pay for the establishment of charging stations and general operation of the car parks (snow clearing, maintenance of the stations etc.). The tenderer will pay a fixed rent per place as well as electricity costs for charging the vehicles. This rental relationship will be regulated in a separate rent contract/annex to the contract. The procurement's total value is estimated to 1 000 000 NOK excluding VAT per year. The estimated values are based on statistics for the procurement of equivalent products for a similar buyer group for previous years, as well as future budgets. The volume must therefore be considered an estimate that is not binding for the contracting authority. The assignment period is subject to financing and the necessary grants.

See part 2a, requirement specifications, for further information about the contract.

Option 1: The contracting authority has a unilateral option to expand the service/number of parking places with up to 6 new cars (located at the county's current/future location in Drammen municipality), with the same prices and contract terms. See the requirement specifications part 2 a for further details. Option 2:

Expansion of the service to cover Stoppen in Lier, Åssiden sixth form college, Kongsberg sixth form college, Ringerike sixth form college and Drammen sixth form college. The expansion covers up to 2 electrical cars at each place.

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