DL201600359 Telephony system.


Open procedure


Statens arbeidsmiljøinstitutt [The National Institute of Occupational Health]
Roy Pettersen
Postboks 8149 Dep
0033 Oslo

Short description

The competition concerns a framework agreement for the delivery of a new telephony system for STAMI

STAMI shall procure a new telephony system. The delivery shall include pilot, equipment, software and services, as well as operation and maintenance. The aim of the procurement is to establish a good telephone and interaction service for all employees in STAMI, which covers internal needs as regards quality, functionality, security, flexibility and the ability to integrate with other computer systems. The Contracting Authority is open for various technical telephony and interaction systems, either on premise, cloud-based or hybrid.

The contract value is estimated to: 1 500 000 NOK, including VAT, of which 400 000 NOK, including VAT is reserved pilot implementation prior to the total deployment. The value is an estimate and must therefore be considered not binding.

See part 2, requirement specifications, for further information.

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