Framework agreement for information cassettes.


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Ruter As
Benny Rytter-Johansen
Dronningens gate 40, Postboks 1030 Sentrum
0104 Oslo

Short description

Through this tender, Ruter AS, hereafter called the Contracting Authority, shall enter into a framework agreement with a supplier of information carriers for stops.

The information carriers (the cassettes) must be adapted to the public transport/s rough environment and be weather proof and robust and have a solid standard fastening point mechanism to single poles (Ø60 mm) or on walls in shelters/bus queues. If required, the fastening point mechanism must be able to be resized/swapped so that the number of information carriers per pole or on the wall in a shelter can be expanded to 2, 3 or 4 cassettes, as needed at the stop.

Ruter will use A2 as the standard form of paper and information carrier. We also want an option on other size formats.

Ruter's absolute requirements and wants are listed in Annex 1, Requirement Specification. The tenderer shall answer directly in the requirement specification and this should be attached to the tender offer.

The following products shall be procured through this framework agreement:

— Cassette/information carriers for route information in A2 size.

— Fastening point materials for cassettes/information carriers.

The framework agreement applies for 2 years from signing of the framework agreement, with an option on a further 1 year + 1 year.

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