The Nordland Hospital Bodø The Development Project Phase 3, K 233, Carpenters and Joiners, external and internal works.


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Nordlandssykehuset HF — Senter for utbygging [Nordland Hospital Trust. Centre for Development]
Terje Winther
Nordlandssykehuset HF
8092 Bodø

Short description

The Nordland Hospital currently has a construction development project in process. Phase 2 is now about to be concluded. This procurement includes structural works connected with ‘internal works’ for Phase 3 — Restructuring and renovation of the existing tower block.

K233 — Carpenters and Joiners, external and internal works.

Includes i.a. works with new insulated walls on existing facades including all sheet metal works.

All internal walls, skirting boards and ceilings, both temporary and final as well as element walls with glass panes, parquetry, fenders, steel stairs, facade washing system etc.

Delivery and mounting of all doors and associated locks and fittings are also included.

The contract is defined as a cleaning contract and shall be responsible for dry, clean buildings as well as have responsibility to safeguard internal fire safety during the construction period.

The contract shall be responsible for all fire proofing.

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