Nearly 4.000 electronic bid deliveries

More and more purchasers see the advantage of using Mercell's tool for fully electronic handling of the tendering process. In a survey we conducted in December, as much as 94% of our suppliers said they prefer electronic delivery of bids over the traditional paper or e-mail based way.

Time savings and cost reductions are often mentioned as reasons for why electronic delivery is preferred, but also that you as a supplier receive an immediate confirmation that the bid is delivered with the necessary documentation before deadline, is highlighted as a benefit that suppliers are experiencing.

Electronic bids

The graph shows the quarterly trend in the number of fully electronic bid submissions, and in the 4th quarter of 2011 we reached a new peak of nearly 4.000 bid deliveries through the Mercell portal. We are also experiencing a sharp increase in the number of mini competitions where the number of competitions has doubled during 2011.  We expect a further growth in the future, and are likely to pass 16.000 fully electronic bid deliveries this year.

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