UUT 25 Arna station.


Negotiated procedure


Jernbaneverket [The Norwegian National Rail Administration] Jernbaneverket [The Norwegian National Rail Administration]
Stortorvet 7
0155 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The contract UUT25 Arna station is a part of a new double track between Arna station and Bergen, which includes alterations to Arna station.

UUT25 is mainly a ground and construction contract that does not include technical railway disciplines, but has a lot of work close to operative tracks.

As the upgrading work shall be carried out at the same time that the complete train timetable is operative on the Bergen railway, UUT25 is divided up into two main phases.

Arna station will mainly be split into two parts, called Kirkesiden and Sjøsiden, so that there are areas to work in that are free of traffic.

Other contracts will be ongoing at the same time in both of the main phases, so coordination and cooperation will be important.

There will be a long break between the two main phases, during which rigging must be taken down and the area must be vacated in order to make room for other contracts. Technical railway work will mostly be carried out then.

The main work in UUT25 is:

— Alterations to the existing station building

— New ramps and stairs

— New passenger culvert that crosses the entire track area

— Expansion of the existing Storelva culvert, which also crosses the entire track area.

— New tunnel portal over the existing tunnel

— Re-establishment of Reinaneveien

— Replace a temporary bridge on the E16

— New technical building

— Re-establish the bus terminal

1.2 Main amounts

— Blasting 3 100 m3

— Excavation, removal of matter: 54 000 m3

— Supplemented matter 46 000 m3

— Concrete work 10 000 m3

— Formwork: 16 000 m²

— Reinforcement: 900 tons.

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