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Short description

This tender concerns the acquisition of 15 autonomous floor mounted Heavy Mortar Systems (120mm Mortar Systems). The acquisition also includes a fire control system, ammunition racks and the necessary technical support to integrate the weapon system on the platform (Piranha 5 from MOWAG). The integration of the Mortar System (and the ammunition racks) is handled by MOWAG, and MOWAG has the overall responsibility for the integration, but the provider of the Mortar System must participate in the integration on the platform in cooperation with MOWAG and relevant parts of the Danish Defence.

Besides the planned acquisition of 15 Mortar Systems the Acquitsion Contract have an option for DALO to acquire up to additionel 6 Mortar Systems. DALO is not obliged to make use of the option as well as DALO is not obliged to acquire all of the Mortar Systems included in the option. The exact mechanism for DALO use of the options will be described in the Acquisition Contract.

As described the Mortar Systems is to be mounted and integrated on/in the Danish Defence new armored personnel carrier (Piranha 5) (the mortar variant). The weapon system must be physically dimensioned to fit within the body/hull of the platform, as well as it must leave sufficient and proper room for the crew (95 percentile soldier in accordance with MIL-STD-1472 G or equivalent). The exact dimensions will be described in the Acquisition Contract.

DALO value the safety of the crew, which means that features that enhance work safety and reduce the wear and tear on the crew will be given special attention. Furthermore attention will be given to solutions that enhance the crew's survivability on the battlefield, i.e. protective measures, reduced exposure to the battlefield elements, storage of ammunition that prevent excessive or sympathetic reaction to blast or direct attacks and so forth. The exact requirements will be described in the Acquisition Contract.

The Mortar Systems must be capable of operating in a wide range of climatic environments. The Mortar Systems must be capable of operation on a fragmented battlefield as well in a conventional war scenario. This means that the Mortar Systems must be capable of operation autonomously as a single platform in a decentralized manner, or in pairs or groups in a centralized manner.

The Mortar System and the affiliated fire control system must be able to be an integrated part of the Danish Army command, control and battle management system and its fire coordination module - including the physical extremities as radios, command screens etc. Furthermore the Mortar System must be able to fire the legacy M/50 High Explosive mortar bomb in stock. The exact requirements will be described in the Acquisition Contract.  

The Mortar System must have a firing range of minimum 7 kilometres with conventional and un-assisted High Explosive (HE) ammunition. Furthermore the Mortar System must be capable of firing 360°.

The Mortar Systems shall as a minimum be factory acceptance tested prior to delivery and site acceptance tested after delivery and the integration into the platform. The exact requirements for testing and acceptance test procedures will be described in detail in the Acquisition Contract.

In addition to the delivery of the Mortars Systems, the Acquistion Contract includes among other delivery of an initial stock of spare parts of each Mortar Systems.

It is of paramount importance that DALO will be able to purchase relevant spare parts to the Mortar Systems as well as having the possibility to receive technical advice and repair assistance in case a technical problem cannot be solved by DALO. Therefore DALO will in connection with the Acquisition Contract enter into a Sustainment Agreement (duration of 30 years) in order to ensure sustained operation of the Mortar Systems. The Sustainment Contract encompasses core service and non-core services as well as the possibility for DALO to purchase supplies (spare parts, special tools etc.) for a duration of the Sustainment Contract. Core services shall be provided automatically as long as the contract is in force, while non-core services and supplies will be contracted by DALO on a case by case basis.

The supplier is obligated to maintain a service organisation capable of providing support to the Mortar Systems when operating in international operations. The exact terms of this obligation is described in detail in the Contracts.



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