Operation, maintenance and further development of the Panda System.


Award of a contract without prior publication of a contract notice in the Official Journal of the European Union


Pandagruppen Pandagruppen
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Pandagruppen shall enter into a contract for continual maintenance, operation (system administration) and user support, as well as a framework agreement for development assignments connected to Panda. Panda is short for planning and analysis tool for industry, demography and the labour market and it is an economic-demographic model system developed for use in regional analyses and general planning in counties and groups of municipalities. Panda gives users access to a data basis that is comparable across sectors and administration levels. Regional development relative to other regions and the entire country can be described with indicators/indexes. The system can also be used for individual municipalities, but it does not include data or models for basic districts. The Panda system is currently run and maintained by SINTEF Teknologi og samfunn. Pandagruppen administers the system.

The data basis in Panda is based on the official statistics from Statistics Norway. This ensures a large degree of consistency and comparability between different levels and types of data. Panda is particularly suitable for analysing demographic and industrial economic consequences of events, measures, policies and general development characteristics. Panda includes a statistics bank, a calculation model for population and housing prognoses and a calculation model for industry analyses.

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