2016-KID-047 Custodian/janitor services.


Open procedure


Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF [The Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities Oslo] Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF [The Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities Oslo]
Marit Nygaard
Pb 1514 Vika
0117 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The Municipal Undertaking for Culture and Sports Facilities Oslo (KID) is a municipal entity owned by Oslo kommune to develop, build, operate, and maintain purpose-built buildings. KID manages 37 properties. The number of properties can vary in the contract period.

The buildings mainly consist of sports halls, indoor ice rinks, outdoor ice rinks, stadiums and cultural buildings. Our tenants are mainly municipal departments that sub-let to the final user, which are cultural institutions, sports teams, schools and associations.

A contract shall be signed for custodian/janitor services to undertake the owner's internal control and minor maintenance work at the properties. 3 man-labour years shall be priced. The man-labour years shall mainly consist of permanent persons so that are ensured continuity in the follow-up of the properties. 10 % apprentice shall be priced in addition to the 3 man-labour years.

There will be an option for 3 man-labour years in the contract period, as well as 10 % apprentice per man-labour year.

Individual properties will be subject to being removed or added to the contract's portfolio, e.g. the procurement and sale or changed assessments in the company or political decisions.

If properties are added after the contract has been signed, which require several man-labour years, the option will be taken up for 1 or several man-labour years. The contracting authority can take up the option for a further man-labour year with 3 months notice.

If the contracting authority requests additional services, which due to competence or capacity reasons, cannot be provided by the service provider, these can be ordered from a 3rd party via the service provider. These are typically assignments that naturally fall under custodian/janitor assignments, or assignments that must be solved to assist with the Contracting Authority's internal control.

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