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Kristiansund kommune [Kristiansund municipality] Kristiansund kommune [Kristiansund municipality]
Audun Torvik
Kaibakken 2
6509 Kristiansund N

Short description

Nordmøre interkommunale innkjøpssamarbeid (NII) shall announce a competition for a framework agreement for the delivery of furniture to 12 municipalities in Nordmøre.

The scope and purpose of the procurement.

NII shall enter into a framework with one tenderer for the procurement of furniture, including furniture for canteens, offices, conferences and schools. The deliveries shall cover the municipalities' need for such furniture at the right quality, price and delivery time in the contract period.

Based on experience, annual procurements will be approx. 6 000 000 NOK including 4 000 000 NOK for school furniture and 2 000 000 NOK for office furniture.

The aim of the notice.

The aim and intention of this notice is to get feedback on the tender documentation from the market before it is announced as a real competition.

Based on the feedback, consideration will be given to holding a supplier conference.

The contracting authority will provide any information on this at a later date.

The tender documentation and all annexes and appendices are attached to this notice.

The contracting authority is particularly interested in getting feedback on the requirement specifications and the price form, as well as the award criteria with sub-criteria.

Contact can be made via mercell or the contracting authority's contact person: Audun Torvik:


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