Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS.


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NTNU [The Norwegian University of Science and Technology] NTNU [The Norwegian University of Science and Technology]
Terje Haarberg

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Short description

The contracting authority intends to procure a Scanning Electron Microscope (SIM) for building and construction materials. The SEM shall be procured with EDS for element analysis.

The SEM laboratory will be dedicated and optimised for the different research assignments in the relevant fields, education of students and, in this way, particular focus on research based education. The SEM laboratory should enable studies of building and construction materials including larger samples and electrically non-conducting materials without the need of e.g. gold plating of the sample surfaces (although for completeness and specific samples coating equipment may also be purchased if required and optional).

Furthermore, the SEM laboratory is to be easily accessible and available for users, i.e. it is also important that the use of SEM, including sample handling, is as easy as possible. SEM will be procured with suitable sample holders for a large spectrum of selection sizes, hardware and software and monitor, which shall be included in the tender.

For further requirements of the objective, please see the technical specification in annex 1 (see annex).

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