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Røyken kommune [Røyken municipality] Røyken kommune [Røyken municipality]
Procurement Procurement
Roy Pettersen
Katrineåsveien 20
3440 Røyken

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The scope and purpose of the procurement.

The competition concerns a framework agreement on architectural consultancy services and engineering design services to the following participants (Calculated volume figures excluding VAT in parentheses):

Røyken kommune (700 000 NOK) Røyken eiendom AS (REAS) (4 400 000 NOK) Kongsberg kommune (1 500 000 NOK) Kongsberg kommunale eiendom KF (4 500 000 NOK) Øvre Eiker kommune (2 100 000 NOK) Eiker eiendomsutvikling AS (500 000 NOK) Nedre Eiker kommune (3 100 000 NOK ) Lier kommune (5 500 000 NOK ) Lier eiendomsselskap KF (Volume included in Lier kommune) Hurum kommune (850 000 NOK ) Hurum Eiendom KF (2 400 000 NOK) Asker kommune (15 000 000 NOK).

It is impossible for the Contracting Authority to give a volume for each group. This is due to the fact that this type of service has not be divided up into such group before and because the Contracting Authority does not know how these services will be called-off in the framework agreement period. I.a. Political decisions form the basis for awarding of budget resources.

The following exceptions apply:- Asker kommune does not participate in group 12 (Project and Construction Management), but has the option to join this group from 20.8.2018 or 20.8.2019 — Hurum Eindomsselskap KF does not participate in group 12 (Project and Construction Management), but has the option to join this group from 17.5.2017 — Kongsberg kommunale Eiendom KF does not participate in groups 1, 2 and 12 but has the option to join group 12 from 22.2.2018 or 22.2.2019 — Group 4 Area Planning — Detailed Zoning. Asker kommune: Only the Property Department is part of this group. — Nedre Eiker kommune department for Ordering of municipal engineering services is not included in the framework agreement.

The framework agreement is divided into zones and service groups. If possible, three parallel framework agreements will be signed with tenderers in each of the state service groups in each zone, that shall execute assignments in the named service groups themselves, or with the help of sub-contractors. Any sub-contractors cannot have sub-contractors to execute the work.

Tender offer can be submitted for the following groups:

Group 1. Architectural services (ARK)

Group 2. Interior Architect (IARK)

Group 3. Landscape Architect services (LARK)

Group 4. Area Planning (detailed zoning)

Group 5. Consulting Civil Engineer (RIB)

Group 6. Consulting Fire Engineer (RIBr)

Group 7. Consulting Environmental Engineer (RIM)

Group 8. Consulting Acoustics Engineer (RIAKU)

Group 9. Consulting Geo Engineer and geo engineering surveys (RIG)

Group 10. Consulting Electro Engineer (RIE)

Group 11. Consulting HVAC Engineer (RIV)

Group 12. Project Manager (PL) and Construction Manager/Builder's Representative (BL/BHO)

Group 13. Engineering Design Manager (PRL) and Engineering Design Group Manager (PGL)

Group 14 ITB Coordinator

Tender offers can be submitted for the following zones:

Zone 1: Asker kommune, Røyken kommune, Hurum kommune, Røyken Eiendom AS, Hurum Eiendom KF

Zone 2: Lier kommune, Nedre Eiker kommune, Lier Eiendomselskap, Eiker eiendomsutvikling KF, Øvre Eiker kommune

Zone 3: Kongsberg kommune, Kongsberg kommunale Eiendom KF.

Independent control will be carried out by 1 of the other relevant tenderers in the relevant group.

Other assignments not listed in connection with the grouping may be called-off as needed from the group best suited to the individual assignment.

The Contracting Authority encourages small and medium sized tenderers to submit tender offers.

See the contract provisions for a description of awarding of assignments within the framework agreement.

The contract has a duration of 2 years with an option for the Contracting Authority to further extend for up to 2 years, 1 year at a time.

For further information refer to part 2, Requirement Specification and attached contract.

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