Framework agreement for technical operation of safety alarms and key boxes.


Open procedure


Drammen Kommune [Drammen municipality] Drammen Kommune [Drammen municipality]
Kirsten Nordhøy

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Drammen kommune c/o Health, Social Services and Welfare (hereafter called the Contracting Authority), hereby invites tenderers to an open tender competition for framework agreements for technical operation of key boxes and safety alarms intended for users living at home.

Background for the procurement.

In Drammen kommune, safety alarms are used as one of several low threshold offers available to all persons over 80 years, who want it. I.E. Everyone in this age group is offered the service regardless of their functional level.

For users under 80 years, safety alarms can be granted according to the following criteria:

— -Illness or condition that involves acute need for help.

— -Real danger for fall.

— -Problems related to insecurity and anxiety.

The service is assigned by the business Tjenestetildeling og samordning [Service Allocation and Co-ordination].

The procurement concerns technical operation existing, and hire of new safety alarms with associated equipment, as well as operation of the existing safety alarms, and hire of new key boxes. The assignment includes all parts of the technical operation of the safety alarm and key box scheme, as well as training of users and their relatives in the use of the equipment. Response to the users is performed by the Contracting Authority's own personnel in the home service. Home Nursing Care in Drammen is organised in eight care districts. There will normally be four or five employees on duty in each district.

The Contracting Authority currently owns the safety alarms and key boxes. New alarms with associated equipment shall be used together with the existing equipment. Alternatively, the new operator shall bear the cost of replacing existing alarms and associated equipment.

The existing equipment is:

— -Safety Alarm NEO (analogue and GSM) manufactured by NEAT Electronics AB.

— -Release Button ‘“Jewellery” Atom.

— -Alfa key boxes and Rilda key boxes.

The service comprises

— -Alarm management: Operation of the receiving centre and automatic, conveyed alarm calls from users of the home service.

— -Logging of events and audio log.

— -Service, maintenance and storage of equipment.

— -Install and uninstall safety alarms, door mats, key boxes, smoke alarms, bed mats and fall alarms that are connected to the safety alarm service, as well as distribution of mobile alarm senders.

— -Training of users and any relatives in the use of the equipment.

— -Function control and maintenance of technical equipment connected to the service.

— -Receiving and distribution of users' keys.

— -Recording in the specialist system Gerica and reporting of statistical information.

Geographical area.

The users of safety alarms primarily reside within a radius of approx. 10 km from down-town Drammen.


The Contracting Authority will not make premises available for operators.

Technical information.

— The number of safety alarms i current approx. 1 500 units. No significant changes to this number are expected.

— Number of installations/uninstalling of safety alarms, is approx. 600 per year.

— Installation/uninstalling of key boxes is approx. 400 units per year.

— Age of alarm reserve: 0 — 4 years.

— The Number of received alarm calls per year is approx. 32 000.

— The number of technical messages per year is approx. 7 400 work orders for assessment and treatment from 1.10.2015 to 30.9.2016.

— The number of service assignments per year: approx. 1 800 visits. The number demonstrates executed assignments where technicians attended, calculated from August 2015 to and including September 2016.

Anticipated battery consumption per year:

— Smoke alarms approx. 30 units. These will be swapped with the smoke alarms with five years lifetime on the battery.

— Fall alarms, bet mats and door alarms. The operator must keep track of the battery replacement for these products.

— Accumulators expected swap of approx. 700 units during the entire period.

Telephone line.

The Contracting Authority has a line and owns it themselves.

Key boxes:

Safety alarms require that the home nurse gets a key to the residence. The key will be stored in a key box that is mounted on a wall by the entry door to the residence. The key to the key box is looked after by the Nursing and Welfare District.

There are currently approx. 1 700 boxes in total. These consist of the types:

a) Alfa locking system that has three possibilities for recoding if the main key is misplaced.

b) Rilda locking system that unlimited possibilities for recoding if the main key is misplaced.

The two different systems are used in different care districts in the town. The key boxes have different keys in all of the town’s 9 zones and should only be able to be opened with keys from the associated department/zone of Home nursing care.

The number of mounting and demounting of key boxes will be less in the contract period as the Contracting Authority will begin using e-locks at most of their users during 2017. The e-locks will be procured through a separate competition.

Economic information and framework terms.

Duration of the Contract.

The Duration of the contract has been set at one year with unilateral right to extend by the Contracting Authority for 1 year, as the Contracting Authority is working on a new solution for safety alarms.


For the technical operation of the service centre, please provide a fixed price per month. The price shall be fixed during the contract period, including the option (1 year). Prices should not be given for the operation that increase depending on for example how many alarms are connected to the service centre. Please take into consideration small changes in the number of users during the assignment period.

The prices on equipment shall be fixed in the assignment period, including the option.

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