201602620 Pest control service, framework agreement.


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Oslo Municipal Undertaking for Social Housing Oslo Municipal Undertaking for Social Housing
Procurement Procurement
Roy Pettersen
Wergelandsveien 1-3
0167 Oslo

Closing date has passed.

Short description

The scope and purpose of the procurement

The agreement includes pest control services at the contracting authority's properties, including:

The agreement includes pest control services at the contracting authority's properties, including:

— Pest control at the Oslo Municipal Undertaking for Social Housing's properties, mainly bedbugs.

— Ad hoc services, where the tenderer, upon request from the contracting authority, turns out to the contracting authority's property to deal with acute pest problems.

— Consultancy services: Based on finds at the contracting authority's property, propose measures for an efficient and planned reduction of pest problems shall be provided.

The estimated annual value is 10 000 000 NOK excluding VAT, and the assignment includes pest control for:

Approx. 80 % bed bugs

Approx. 10 % preventive measures

Approx. 10 % other vermins

See part 2, requirement specifications, for further information.

The contract is divided into the following zones (the expected share of the total volume stated in brackets)

Zone 1 Gamle Oslo (Large — 25 %)

Zone 2 Grünerløkka (Large — 22 %)

Zone 3 Sagene (Large — 23 %)

Zone 4 Alna, Bjerke, Grorud and Stovner (Small — 10 %)

Zone 5 Frogner, Nordre Aker, St. Haugen, Ullern and Vestre Aker (Small — 10 %)

Zone 6 Nordstrand, Søndre Nordstrand and Østensjø (Small — 10 %)

Tenderers may submit tenders for one or several zones. Each zone will be evaluated separately. 1 Provider for each zone will be selected. The award starts with zone 1 and ends with zone 6. One service provider cannot be awarded more than 3 zones of which maximum 2 these zones shall be large. See also the tender documentation's point 1.2.10.

The estimated total annual value of the framework agreement for all zones is 10 000 000 NOK. The Contracting Authority emphasises that the figures are estimates and that the actual volume may vary from year to year. The estimated value is not binding for the contracting authority. One of the characteristics of a framework agreement is that the concrete assignments and the volume of assignments are not concretised when the framework agreement is signed. These premises are the actual core in the terms for framework agreements. Call-offs will take place as and when the contracting authority's needs materialise. This premise is known by both parties and it involves a risk that the amount of assignments will deviate from the above mentioned estimate — both positively and negatively. Tenderers must be aware that changes in the financial and/or political framework terms can lead to the estimated amount of assignments being increased/reduced.

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