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Bodø kommune [Bodø municipality] Bodø kommune [Bodø municipality]
Bodø kommunale eiendommer KF [Bodø municipal properties] Bodø kommunale eiendommer KF [Bodø municipal properties]
Knut Svendsen

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Bodø kommune, (the Contracting Authority), hereby invites tenderers to an open tender competition on construction management for the new Town Hall in Bodø.

The new Bodø Town Hall is a project in down town Bodø. The building shall be constructed in the quarter bordered by Kongens gate, Torvgata, Dronnings gata and Havnegata. The current Town Hall, Norges Bank building [Bank of Norway Building] and the old library are all currently located in the same quarter.

The existing Town Hall building and Norges Bank building shall remain unchanged on the visible facades, but shall be completely renovated internally.

The old library has been demolished.

A new six storey building will be constructed that fills the site where the old library was as well as other areas integrating the Norges Bank Building and the existing Town Hall in a combined new Town Hall building.

Public outdoor areas will be included in the block.

The tender offer should include performance as the construction manager for Electro disciplines, progress planning, reporting to the project management and general organisation in assisting the Contractor in an optimal execution of the construction project.

A project hotel shall be continually and actively used and for all documentation in the project. The project hotel is administered by the builder. Contractors should obtain documentation and drawings from the project hotel and arrange their own copying as needed. The same applies to construction management.

The Contractors and construction management shall actively participate in planning of progress to ensure optimal execution and obligatory organisation of the construction project. Construction management shall actively participate in the progress planning work and commit to actively assist to ensure completion of the activities to an agreed time and within the economic limits applicable at any given time. (Annex 2 to Book 0, ‘Requirement for collaboration and active participation in planning’ described this in detail.)

Construction Manager (CM) shall execute complete management of work connected to the electro contract and co-ordination with other contracts and other construction managers for other disciplines. Important elements in this work will be:

— Actively participate in progress planning for optimal execution, staffing and resource management and collaborate loyally with project management (BL), Engineering Design Manager (PRL) and progress planner (FPL) to find the best solutions for the Contracting Authority/Contractor (BH).

— Actively follow up the contractors and find good solutions in agreements for progress and economic limits.

— Write minutes from construction meetings and follow up the items for quick, consecutive clarification of these.

— Report to the project management continuously and in the manner agreed to after contracting.

— Actively use the project hotel for all documentation and drawing exchange.

— Receive and process changes that come from contractors to ensure good and professionally solid, reasoned choices and decisions on these in collaboration with the Contractor and project management

— Assistance with the execution of commissioning, tests and hand-over of all contract works to the Contractor.

— Assistance with the preparation of the final settlement.

The Contracting Authority will assess transferring parts of the electro contract follow-up to construction manager automation where it would be appropriate. This can apply to one or more of the disciplines of ICT, access control, ITV, alarm systems and cabling of automatic systems.

The Construction Manager must work closely with other construction managers, PL, PRL and FPL and contractors and it is assumed that the construction manager will have good communications skills and have a solutions focussed way of working.

The BL assignment requires that there is no dependency or connections between the person who has the role of BL and the contractors or suppliers.

All documentation and communication shall be in Norwegian.

See the complete call for tender for further information.

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