Market survey for the operation, maintenance and further development of the A-krim solution.


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The Norwegian Tax Administration and the cooperating government/public agencies have developed a new system for combating work-related crime. There is a need for a procurement for the operation, maintenance and further development of the new system. (A decision has not yet been reached as to whether further development will be done as a framework agreement or in another contract form.) Hence, there is a need for a market survey. The contracting authority would like input from potential tenderers for the best way to perform such a procurement as well as choice of general contract structure.

The effort to combat work-related crime (A-krim) is a multi-agency cooperation between the Police, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), the Norwegian Tax Administration, and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The Norwegian Customs and the municipal tax collectors (SKO) will most likely also become part of the cooperation in 2017. In the long run it is very likely that more government agencies will join the A-krim system.

The Norwegian Tax Administration is carrying out this market survey on behalf of the mentioned agencies and will also manage the subsequent procurement. Further details on the A-krim system are provided in the attached RFI document.

Tenderers are asked to respond to as many of the questions in the attached document as possible. Tenderers are encouraged to give relevant input or information that has not been requested in the attached RFI document.

Based on the responses, the contracting authority will assess the need for one-to-one consultations. If the contracting authority chooses to hold one-to-one consultations, the contracting authority reserves the right to invite only a limited number of participants due to resource constraints. Tenderers will be able to provide further details in the consultations and elaborate on their input.

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