Framework agreement for procurement of security software, area 2C.


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Short description

The Contracting Authority shall enter into a framework agreement with fixed provisions for the delivery of further defined services and goods, including hardware and software licences, to the Contracting Authority's Security Software. The framework agreement shall cover the Contracting Authority's need for management and expansion of the existing Security Software. The Contracting Authority shall also enter into a continuous maintenance agreement which shall include further defined maintenance services, related to the existing Security Software, as well as the expansions from call-off contracts that will be established in the framework agreement.

The term ‘Security Software’ shall be defined as hardware and software that naturally falls within the following 5 categories:

1. Category 1 — Security Software for end points:

a. Clients (physical and VDI).

b. Servers (physical and virtual).

c. Freestanding (without domain connection).

2. Category 2 — Security Software for applications (including, but not limited to):

a. Sharepoint.

b. Exchange.

c. NetApp.

d. ‘Virus encryption’ (file proxy for security control of ongoing files).

3. Category 3 — Software management of third party software.

a. Patch management of third party software across multiple operative systems.

4. Category 4 — Mail Encryption Solutions.

5. Category 5 — Mail proxy solutions.

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