Main water pipeline Hurdalsjøen, Lot C1.


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Ullensaker municipality Ullensaker municipality
Bjørn Vestheim
Furusethgt. 12
2051 Jessheim

Closing date has passed.

Short description

Ullensaker municipality shall construct a new water treatment facility at Hurdalsjøen so as to increase the security and capacity of the water supply. As a part of this, new transfer lines shall be constructed from the water treatment facility to the connection point just north of Rutholen. The transfer pipelines consist of 4,3 km of submarine pipeline and 11,4 km of land pipeline, divided between 4 lots. This is the 3rd lot that is announced and it comprises 1 650 m of pipeline installations in 800 mm PE, as well as various other parallel pipelines in the same ditch.

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