The modification of the inspection vessel MS Myken.


Open procedure


Kystverket [the Norwegian Coastal Administration] Kystverket [the Norwegian Coastal Administration]
The Norwegian Coastal Administration's shipping company The Norwegian Coastal Administration's shipping company
Christian Helseth
Postboks 1502
6025 Ålesund

Short description

The Norwegian Coastal Administration's shipping company shall modify the inspection vessel MS Myken. The objective of the modification is to achieve propulsion with water jet and engines adapted to work vessel. The vessel shall be sufficient extended in order to get an engine room adapted to the equipment, as well as modifying the engine room to achieve the lowest possible noise level, and more service friendly. The assignment includes extension of hull, replacing engines and propulsion system from propulsion to water jet. See the specification in the tender documentation's part II, with annexes.

The vessel shall, after being modified, comply with the Norwegian Maritime Authority's requirements stated in FOR-2014-12-19-1853. MS Myken has oil spill protection certificate, and the tenderer shall, subsequent to modification, ensure that this certificate is upheld. C.f. Regulations FOR-2011-02-08-130 concerning the use of vessels in connection with oil spill protection measures, as well as other certificates. The tenderer, shall as a part of the assignment, ensure and substantiate that the vessel, when completed, comply with the prevailing requirements and certificates.

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