16/1847 Regional tender — Suture.


Open procedure


St Olavs Hospital HF St Olavs Hospital HF
Vegard Vestavik
Olav Kyrres gt 17
7030 Trondheim

Short description

The tender is for the procurement of Suture and Ligature. 2 year framework agreement(s)/contract(s) will be signed, with an option for the contracting authority to extend the contract(s) for a further 2 years, 1 year at a time, for the necessary surgical consumables in accordance with the requirement specifications.

Tenders can be submitted for all or parts of the assignment, and the product area is therefore divided small lots, which will all be evaluated and chosen separately.

The procurement covers the following sub-areas:

1. General absorbable multifilament.

2. General non-absorbable multifilament.

3. General absorbable monofilament.

4. General non-absorbable monofilament.

5. Heart and vascular system.

6. Eyes.

7. Plastic surgery.

8. Anti-bacterial.

9. Tie-free.

10. KIT.

Underlying documentation and replies to a specific sub-tender must be added to the accompanying sub-delivery.

See the attached documents for further information and details.

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